Benefits of using egg powders

Spray-dried egg powders are ideal ingredients for commercial food manufacturing. While having all the functions and features as in shell eggs, they have many advantages over shell eggs.

Ease and Convenience of Use

Egg powders are ready to use immediately. Bulk quantities can be weighted and incorporated into formulas with less labour. Equipment needs are minimal, cleanup is simplified, and except for packaging materials, there is no waste for disposal.


Reduced handling, minimal shipping cost, minimal storage space and elimination of breakage result in reduced-cost formulations. Egg powders are one of the most economical protein sources available.


Our egg powders are pasteurized to destroy Salmonella and other bacteria.


Our egg powders can be produced to definite specifications to assure consistent performance in formulations.


Egg powders are virtually indistinguishable from fresh eggs in nutritional value, flavor, and most functional properties. These qualities are well retained during proper storage.


When properly stored, egg powders will keep their quality over 12 months.